In our changing world, the phrase “knowledge is power” is more relevant than ever.

AI is going to have an effect on every industry and market in the next decade. Some people claim AI is overhyped. Even if that is the case, we can still expect AI’s effect to be substantial. The burst of the dot com bubble didn’t stop internet companies from becoming some of the biggest and most successful in the world. We might be facing a similar turn of events with AI acting as the transformative technology of the decade.

In any technological transformation, there are winners, losers, and new players that enter the market. History is full of companies that…

The previous post in this series discussed the problem with trying to create a technological moat in an AI-based startup. Today we will discuss the next question that arises — Can a startup that bases its technology on deep learning create a moat nevertheless?

A short recap of last week’s post:

  1. Deep tech startups try to protect their product by basing it on cutting edge technology that is hard to duplicate. We referred to this as a technological moat.
  2. Novel AI algorithms are being invented frequently and are published for public use as open-source code.
  3. The second point makes the…

Advancements in Deep Learning algorithms have emerged at a much more frequent pace in recent years. This creates a situation in which novel improvements become obsolete very quickly. Not only that, these new developments are usually published online as open-source code for anyone to use. Can a company develop an AI-based product that can’t be easily copied?

One of the key components of a startup is the ability to create a moat. The moat is a barrier stopping other companies from developing the same product or service. A good moat is a key competitive advantage that sets a company apart…

Noy Shulman

A Data Scientist and AI algorithm researcher. My expertise is helping companies build an AI strategy.

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